The localities continue to actively support sharing and removing difficulties in postponing and canceling tours

(TITC) Ha Giang province: Ensuring safety for tourists and supporting and sharing difficulties with tourism businesses is an urgent task. Immediately after receiving the Document 982 / TCDL-LH from the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, on July 30, Ha Giang Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has issued a dispatch 1055 / SVHTTDL-QLDL requesting People’s Committees of districts and cities to implement measures to ensure ensure safety for tourists and remove difficulties for businesses.

Considering this as an urgent task, Ha Giang Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism requires units and localities in the locality to regularly update their superior guidelines to propagate about the prevention and control of Covid-19 disease in various forms. Notice of the deployment to accommodation establishments in the area that meet the conditions under the guidance of the Ministry of Health in Decision No. 1246 / QD-BYT of March 20, 2020, mobilize voluntary registration for centralized and isolated establishments with charges for foreign laborers working in projects and enterprises in the province.

(TITC) Kien Giang province: Need to join hands, negotiate to share difficulties in postponing and canceling travel programs

On August 4, the Department of Tourism of Kien Giang province issued a letter No. 338 / SDL-QLDL to the Department of Culture and Tourism of the districts and cities, the Provincial Tourism Association and tourism business units in the area requesting to continue the development. declare measures to ensure safety for tourists and consider cooperation, sharing difficulties in completing and canceling the signed tourism program and tourism services.

Accordingly, the Kien Giang Department of Tourism requested the Department of Culture and Sports of the districts and the city to advise the local People’s Committee to direct the branches, levels and business establishments of tourism services in the area to strictly implement the following contents. directive documents of the Provincial People’s Committee Office, the General Department of Tourism, the Department of Tourism on the prevention of Covid-19 and ensuring safety for tourists.

(TITC) Binh Thuan Tourism Association, Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa proposed to support tour operators in canceling and postponing tours.

On August 3, Binh Thuan Tourism Association also sent a dispatch to tourism service and accommodation service businesses in the area requesting to support tour operators in canceling negotiations. tour delay.

The relapse of the Covid-19 epidemic caused heavy losses to the national economy, especially the tourism industry. This development has led to anxiety among people who are unable to travel during this period. Therefore, Binh Thuan Tourism Association thinks that canceling the tour and postponing tours at this time is a decision that needs to be accepted for public health.

Travel agencies are under great pressure to make 100% refunds to customers who have booked tours that have to cancel a series before the impact of the disease, but they do not have to repay the advances, deposit, or service charges.

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