The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and localities called for sharing difficulties and building a friendly image under the influence of Covid-19.

(TITC) Recently, the Covid-19 pandemic broke out again in Da Nang, middle of Vietnam and spread to some localities which once again seriously affected tourism and travel activities. Tens of thousands of tours have been postponed, canceled due to the anxiety of tourists. Under this situation, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, local tourism management agencies and associations are urgently working to implement solutions to ensure tourists’ safety and interests, while reducing reduce difficulties for businesses.

Difficult become more and more hander, in the past 3 months from May to July, 2020 with the stimulus program “Vietnamese people traveling to Vietnam”, domestic tourism activities have shown positive signs after freezing time due to epidemics. The number of domestic tourists has crowded again, especially at some key tourist destinations. With the focus on deploying promotions, stimulating demand, tourism businesses have gradually restored operations and maintained a certain amount of labor. However, since July 25, the first cases of Covid-19 in the community after 99 days were detected in Da Nang and spread to some localities, the fear of psychology caused many tourists to cancel. Tour not only to the epidemic area but even the non-translated area. Department of Tourism City. Ho Chi Minh said, there are over 35,000 travel programs including package tours, buffet tours, services (hotels, airline tickets, sights …) of major tourism businesses in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh was canceled. In Hanoi, from 28-30 / 7 had over 7,500 visitors of 22 tour operators canceled the tour. In Lam Dong, according to the preliminary statistics of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the province, the number of rooms canceled in Dalat is up to 16,000 rooms and is likely to increase; 8 tour operators in Lam Dong statistic that about 4,000 visitors cancel the tour …

Besides some guests agree to postpone, adjust the time to travel, many guests when canceling the tour request a 100% refund. The reimbursement of funds for booking guests is very difficult because this funding has also been booked by tour operators at destinations according to the tour program. In the past few days, many businesses said they were focusing only to handle the request for cancellation and postponement of tours.

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